Sims for Sale: Loving Couples Challenge!


This challenge is based on YOUR votes, so we are really hoping for some good participation. There will be two categories for entrees, Sims and Screenshots. The rules are as follows:

Loving couples means just that, it can be Male/Female, Mother/child, Grandparent/Grandchild etc. Whatever you feel shows love between two sims in your game, that constitutes a “loving couple”.

There will be a prize reward for each category. This is a first for Sims for Sale. The winners will be determined by open poll votes at the end of February.

1 entry per person is eligible for the prize. (This is to avoid one person winning both prizes). Meaning, you can submit as much as you want but you can only have one submission eligible to be voted on.

  • Best Loving Couple Sim set: 400 Sim Points
  • Best Loving Couple Screenshot: 200 Sim Points

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    This challenge is based on YOUR votes, so we are really hoping for some good participation. There will be two categories...
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